A charitable organisation which aims to educate and assist the poor and socially deprived locally, in London, through educational projects and food distribution, and through its social responsibility provide financial aid for projects throughout the world with a priority for areas affected by natural and humanitarian disasters.

Since June 2008
Charity number: 1124658

Aytac Foods in partnership with Human Appeal a joint effort to feed the poor and hungry. With an additional commitment to donate proceeds from every purchase, donated towards humanitarian efforts. Join us in making a meaningful impact.

Package Content;

1 × Aytac Red Lentils Split (1KG)
1 × Fresh Mango Juice (1L)
1 × Aytac Flour (1KG)
1 × Binelli Chickpeas (400G)
1 × Binelli White Beans (400G)
1 × Binelli Chopped Tomatoes (400G)
1 × Aytac Long Grain Rice (1KG)
1 × Aytac Sunflower Oil (1L)
1 × Knorr Kremali Domates Corbasi Cream Tomato Soup (62 G)
1 × Costa Fine Sea Salt (750G)
1 × Dardanel Tuna In Sunflower Oil (3*75G)
1 × Aytac Wafers With Vanilla Cream (300G)
1 × Lakeland Whole Milk (500ML)
1 × Aycan Tunisian Khouat Allig Dates (200G)
1 × Oba Pasta Penne Rigate No:55 (400G)


Our Projects in 2022

Local community sends food container to Turkey for Syrian refugees.

Food containers

We provide food items to local charaties and soup kitchens and welcome any inquiries from organisations wanting our help. We regularly dispatch food containers abroad and have recently sent a food container for the people of Syria in the last week of Ramadan 2022.

Wells in Africa

We have recently assisted many villages in the drought affected regions of Somalia through the building of wells and continue to help maintain wells for future generations.

Food , clothing and boots for children in Syrian refugee camps within Turkey

We are aiming to open schools for Syrian refugees and have recently sent boots, food and clothing for the children living in refugee camps.

Syrian house project

A gift with love for our brothers and sisters in the blessed lands of sham from Aytac Aid.

Serving humanity by enjoying the experience of witnessing the impact of our donations.

Helping the poor wherever they are

Our vision at Aytac Aid is to help take humanity out of poor living conditions, misery and social deprivation. We work with charities and assist directly when and where required.

Services for individuals:

  • Helping build and maintain Wells
  • Food containers
  • Food banks and soup kitchens
  • Shoes, clothing and shelter

Helping each other can make the world better

Aytac Foods

Aytac support and guidance

We have a dedicated team of experts who can help plan and structure charitable projects to best ensure that your donations have maximum impact.

Our team includes a qualified Mufti with two decades of experience in the Charity sector, Law, Education and Islamic Finance.

Want To Get In Touch?

If you require expert advice from our dedicated Imam and consultant, then contact us via the contact form below.

  • Address : Unit 32, Forest Business Park, Argall Ave London E10 7FB
  • Mail : info@aytacaid.org
  • Phone : 020 8509 8222

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